wei Chen

wei Chen

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First Name * wei
Last Name * Chen
Username * lorland
Country * China
City Chengdu
Nationality China
Languages Chinese



Availability: Freelance
Website lorlandchain.deviantart.com/


In 2000-2004 lorland.chain majored animation and Visual Arts in SiChuan Fine art Institute
in ChongQing. During these years he had showed great interested in Fantasy art . By walking
down the street, looking around at the world he lived in, reading books about human nature and
absorbing great human stories (tales and legend) he attempted to place a bit of the real world
around him into his paintings. He tried his best to learn the COMPUTER GRAPHICS .
School day is so important to him that he always goes back to it to search the root of his art.
2004 lorland.chain’s works exhibiting in ChongQing fine art exhibition shocked many people .
He graduated summa cum laude from SiChuan Fine art Institute .
He also want to be a postgraduate. But Chinese postgraduate education don’t recognize
a painting master , but a man who can pass a very abnormal English exam. It is a reality,
he hate the cramming and never think about wasting much time for the boring exam, so he is
still a normal bachelor.
Now his has two jobs .One is to be a teacher in ChengDu Fine Art Academy, the other is to be
a Freelance Illustrator. He loves both of them


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